Chicago’s Most Beloved Venue: The Hideout

Hideout Chicago

When visiting Chicago you must not miss Chicago’s Most Beloved Small Venue The Hideout. If you don’t know exactly where you’re going, you might walk right on by one of Chicago’s Best venues and bars, The Hideout. Located on West Wabansia on the near north side between Clybourn and Elston, you can find this humble house with an Old Style sign swinging in the breeze and a rich, diverse group of people swinging inside.

One of the most historically significant venues in the city, the building is over 100 years old, balloon-frame house that was completed in two days. Good old Irish undocumented workers put it up and The Hideout has been up and running under the same name since the end of prohibition. Check out more of the history of the pre-Prohibition dealings at – it’s a very Chicago story with bootleggers, numbers runners, hustlers, and gin runners.

Today you’ll find some of the greatest local and touring musicians doing fine shows, putting on dance parties, throwing picnics from the front porch and even serving up country music and pie during one of the festivals. Check this out from the history of The Hideout:

“People know that the Hideout is different. It’s where Jack White threw up in the alley, due to a terrible flu, taped up a black and white bed sheet behind Meg’s drum set, put on some red polyester pants, and then flew onstage and played his pants off. It’s where Phantom Planet filmed their first low budget video for “California” which became the theme song for some cancelled TV “dramedy.” It’s where Robin Hitchcock got drunk on red wine and sang classic rock covers with local power trio kings Mr. Rudy Day. It’s where Joe McFee, Ken Vandermark, Areyellah Ra and their friends will blast out Free Jazz every Wednesday night.”

If that doesn’t hook you, nothing will. This is Chicago’s home for music and where our most informed tourists visit and then brag to their friends back home. Check out the calendar, come for an Old Style, buy a new artist’s CD. There’s no finer bunch of people in our fair city.


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