The Field Museum

Chicagoans and visitors to the city will all agree that you need to visit Chicago’s Best Museum The Field.

Inspiring curiosity about life on earth for more than a century, The Field Museum of Natural History may very well be Chicago’s best museum – and that’s saying a lot! The Field Museum sits in Chicago’s gorgeous lakefront museum campus which also hosts the Adler Planetarium and the John G. Shedd Aquarium. Shuttles stop reguarly and there is ample parking available.

With permanent and temporary exhibitions drawing visitors from around the city and the world, you can plan on visiting The Field Museum more than once. You’ll never get bored. The Field is home to our beloved “Sue” the largest, most complete T-Rex ever discovered. If you love Sue you might be interested in the 3D movie, Waking the T. Rex, and continuing the theme with the Evolving Planet exhibition.

Gems, ancient Egypt, a family play lab, and an Underground Adventure are all on the Chicago’s Best list. Then there are the dioramas! One of the most fascinating and prized exhibitions, the Tsavo Lions, pulls visitors into a world of human flesh eating Lions. We have that morbid curiosity and this strange story beguiles and repulses us at the same time.

One of the most  popular exhibits at The Field Museum today is DNA Discoveries. A Chicago’s Best, the exhibit is included in your general admission! The current DNA discovery is Shark Sex. Here’s what the museum has to say about the program:

“Follow Field Museum scientist Dr. Kevin Feldheim as he explores the mysterious lives of sharks, from observing them in the wild to examining their DNA. Shark Sex gives a glimpse into the fascinating mating and reproductive habits of these elusive animals.” Along with the Shark Sex exhibit, you can witness DNA research in action, experience hands on and video displays, and even talk with scientists who are available for an hour every day!

The Field Museum offers memberships, free days for Illinois residents, private rentals, famiy sleepover nights, and summer camps for kids of all ages.

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The Field Museum

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