Steppenwolf Theatre Company

Chicago’s Best Theater Experience Steppenwolf Theatre

Steppenwolf Theatre Company

For Chicago’s best theater experience Steppenwolf Theatre deserves the acclaim it has garnered over the years.  With three decades of performances behind it, the theater has grown to become one of the most beloved theaters in the city. Located on North Halsted Street, it is easily accessible by car, public transportation, and it sits right on one of Chicago’s most heavily used bike lanes.  There are plenty of amazing restaurants and great shopping within walking distance!

The ensemble itself carries some rock star names such as John Malkovich, Kathryn Erbe,  Gary Sinise,  and John Mahoney just to name a few.  We’ve had the privilege of seeing some of these big name talents and it is most definitely a starry-eyed experience.  But they are the buttercream frosting on the cupcake.  Every performance is moving and memorable whether you are in the main theater or attending one of the smaller stages.

The theater itself is host to visiting companies, musical and art events, and educational programs.  Steppenwolf Theatre shows us Chicago through the eyes of our neighborhood, our art, and our stories.  One of the gems offered is Steppenwolf for Young Adults.  Currently they are running “Monster”, a story of a young film maker caught up in a robbery gone awry.  While he faces possible life imprisonment, he writes the story which posits the question:  “Could one mistake make you a monster?”  After a four-week run in Chicago, “Monster” will be on the road and performing in three Juvenile Detention Centers in Illinois.

Steppenwolf’s attention to patrons is fabulous.  There is opportunity to see sold out shows by standing in queue in the lobby on the evening of your chosen performance.  If theater-goers have sensitivities to strobes, smoke machines, or even strong language, customer service is happy to give information that will help with your selection.

For more information on Chicago’s Best Theater experience Steppenwolf Theatre, please visit their website or call the Box Office at 312-335-1650.


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