Chicago’s Best Food: Opart Thai

Chicago’s Best Thai Food, Opart Thai provide diners with the best prices for the most delicious Thai food you’ll find this far west. With three locations it is a small Chicago chain that provides dine-in, carry-out, and delivery service. We reviewed the south State Street location for Chicago’s Best!

Let’s begin at the beginning with a Sampler Plate. They may not be the most exotic of appetizers but admit it – you love rolls and crab rangoon. The rolls and shumai are terrific, delicate crust with fresh ingredients. But what really gets the Chicago’s Best thumbs up are the crab rangoon. There’s something addictive about this wonderful filling and we’re not ashamed to admit we ordered another round on the side.

Do you like Tom Ka soup? Amazing comfort food as either a first course or full meal, we loved velvety texture and complex flavors. Balanced with a creamy Thai Iced Tea and you could be all set right there. But Opart Thai is too delicious to leave it at that, right?

For our Chicago’s Best ratings we went with two noodle dishes and two curries. All were excellent. Pad Thai should be a baseline for any Thai restaurant and Opart didn’t disappoint. Again, the freshness of the ingredients came through with every bite. Add to that the lovely Pad See Ew wide noodle broccoli/meat dish with a sweet soy based sauce (we did tofu and beef on our noodle dishes) was incredibly flavorful.

Finally we tried the Panang curry and the Masaman curry. The fresh basil in the Panang was both fragrant and sharp without overwhelming the curry. Lovely. The Masaman yellow curry was loaded with chicken and potatoes with a bit of heat. Another spot on favorite dish. When you order, you are asked, “Mild, medium, or hot?” Medium was very spicy for us and will help you break a sweat on a cold winter night.

Okay, we can’t lie. We did sneak in a dessert, the mango and sticky rice. It is a seasonal dish so grab it while you can. It’s very sweet, possibly sweeter than the Thai Iced Tea, but also very light in keeping with the rest of the offerings.

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