Lincoln Park Zoo

Chicago’s Best Family Fun Day Lincoln Park Zoo

With warmer temperatures on the way let’s plan our Chicago’s Best family fun day Lincoln Park Zoo!  Did we mention the zoo is free?  LPZ is a real gem right on north Lakeshore Drive within walking distance of North Avenue Beach and the Chicago Botanic Gardens.  You could spend an entire weekend in just that small area of the city and have had a wonderful, memorable time.

Lincoln Park Zoo is a hub for both Chicago families and tourists alike.  Before you even arrive at the zoo, you can join the fun.  There are animal adoption programs, newsletters, zoo memberships, and of course the zoo shop.

What’s New at the Zoo

If you ask Chicagoans, they will be happy to tell you their favorite exhibit and favorite memories of Lincoln Park Zoo. The Flamingo Pond, the Farm, The Pride of Chicago – there are even individual animals that become well known and loved to the kids in the city.  Visitors in 2017 can get excited about some brand new exhibits such as the aforementioned Pride of Chicago’s Kovler Lion House’s new learning center, the Robert and Mayari Pritzker Penguin Cove, and the new Walter Family Arctic Tundra polar bear exhibit.  All the new exhibits provide a natural habitat and educational ties to subjects such as the effect of climate change on our animals.

Animals and Education

Education is key at the LPZ.  Children, teens and adults can all benefit from programming at the zoo.  Small children can enjoy sing-alongs in the zoo barn.  Older kids become scientists for a day and participate in close animal experience to facilitate knowledge of data collection methods.  And perhaps mom and pop can enjoy a Wine and Wildlife program?  We say yes to all of the above!  Check the website for further information of facilitated field trips and spring break and summer camp programs.

Conservation and Science

Education ties in with real world conservation efforts. Read about Great Ape conservation efforts, wild ecosystem protection efforts, and programs to advance our understanding of animal behavior.  Get involved!

At a time when zoos are under intense scrutiny about procedures and treatment of animals, Lincoln Park Zoo is at the forefront of conservation, natural habitats, and animal education.  Come visit this jewel on Chicago’s lakefront!

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