The Lincoln Lodge

Chicago’s Best Comedy Show Lincoln Lodge

The Lincoln Lodge

We want to introduce you to Chicago’s Best comedy show Lincoln Lodge.  Every week for 17 years Lincoln Lodge has featured the best stand up comedy in Chicago.  They are the nation’s longest running independent comedy showcase. The show has been held in a few different venues around the city and is currently held at Subterranean in Wicker Park.

Like so many great Chicago institutions, Lincoln Lodge boasts an A-list of alumni.  Hannibal Buress, Fred Armisen, and Cameron Esposito have graced the Lincoln Lodge stage.  The Lodge nurtures the finest new talents and we are the beneficiaries of that tender care.  You can check the website calendar for upcoming events and special shows.

We really enjoy the community created by Lincoln Lodge.  The audience and comedians are close in becoming more of a family unit by the end of the evening.  Throw in some vittles and we are good to go.  Subterranean has a menu available for before, during, and after the show.  There are no “minimum” charges and that is a huge plus for a Chicago show.  If you are up for an entire evening of Chicago performances, you can head upstairs later in the evening.  Full music club shows are performed in this gorgeous Chicago favorite hot spot.

As with many Chicago performance groups, Lincoln Lodge is dedicated to education.  The Lodge educators can assist with classes in stand up comedy.  If you are looking to improve communication skills and public speaking, Lincoln Lodge has a class for you.  They even serve organizations who seek “more effective communication through investment in the skills of comedy performance”.

Lincoln Lodge also offers a unique experience in comedy education.  Feminine Communique offers classes for female performers seeking to build confidence and skills needed to begin a career in stand up comedy.  Feminine Communique was developed by Lodge alumni Cameron Esposito and is taught by Kelsie Huff and Alex Kumin.

Make your plans now for Chicago’s Best comedy show Lincoln Lodge by calling their box office at 773-251-1539 or visiting the website.




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